Mrs Kautto has special expertise in the following:


-      Fractured relationships and cut-offs.

-      Chronic or mental illness in a close family member or friend.

-      Life cycle issues such as children leaving for college, losing a job, retirement, or death of a parent or child.

-      Anxiety.

-      Depression.

-      Trauma.


-      Extra marital affairs.

-      Rebuilding of trust after an affair.

-      Sexual issues in marriage.

-      In-law difficulties.

-      Divorce.

-      Re-marriage.

-      Step-parenting.

-      Financial distress.



-      Parenting issues regarding different stages of children's development.

-      Working together as a couple in addressing children’s difficulties.

-      Adolescent/parental conflicts about social life issues, both on and offline.

-      Death of a family member, especially loss of a sibling or parent.

-      Fractured relationships during recovery from addiction.

-      Eating disorders.