Judith Gilbert Kautto is an internationally recognized author, relationship coach and psychotherapist. An expert in treating relationship problems, she is best known for her work with marriages where there has been an affair as well as the reconnection of the relationship when the affair is over.

In addition to her clinical work with couples, she has developed a protocol for coaching couples to improve their sexual connection and the emotionally intimate part of their relationship. 

Mrs Kautto has been working with families for over 35 years. Her insight and creativity, combined with her knowledge of family systems, has earned her the reputation of being “one of the best family therapists in her field” according to Philip J. Geurin, a noted family psychiatrist and Director of the Center for Family Learning in Ryebrook, New York. 

Whether she is working with individuals, couples, or entire family units, and rooted in a cognitive systems model, Mrs Kautto has a practice that is optimal for families in crisis. 

She is an advocate of pet assisted therapy and has been using dogs in her practice for almost 30 years, especially labrador retrievers bred by the Guiding Eyes. She finds that these gentle animals help children to gain confidence and develop the ability to connect and regulate their aggression. Such dogs can also help reduce the tension and anxiety felt by adults in the therapy room during marital and family sessions.